Line and Paper is the independent design studio of Stephanie Rapisardo.

With a life-long passion for design, a background in Fine Arts, and inspiration from 15 years in the field of Early Childhood Education, I’m interested in the ways creative expression informs the human experience.  It's through the creative process that I find personal and interpersonal relationships truly thrive. My mission is to use this space as a venue for inspiration and for connecting with others through creativity.  Whether a collaborative project or commissioned piece, I look forward to hearing from you, sharing my services, and working together to make your vision come alive!



About My Work


For as long as I can remember I've been drawing, designing or creating with my hands.  Interpreting the world through art has always been a natural language for me and I find it endlessly rewarding.  As my work and creative interests continue to evolve, I find that my portraits allow me to experience the most meaningful personal and interpersonal relationships.  

Art and design have always guided and influenced my life, but it was my career in Early Childhood Education that really sparked my passion for portrait work.  Primarily influenced by Art’s therapeutic benefits and the Reggio Emilia Philosophy, the classroom became a setting where I was able to teach and advocate for children using a more creative approach.  When a child's learning environment is beautiful and honors their competency, those children thrive.  While always working through an artistic lens, I naturally found inspiration to capture a child's candid and honest nature through portraiture. 

As I continue to create portraits for clients of all ages, I am most intrigued by the tangible process of each drawing.  While I think about the person, their story, and my corresponding marks, I am completely in the moment.  I’m excited by the idea that photo-realistic work asks the viewer to maintain engagement with the drawing as they question and interpret what they see.  

Artists have a unique position when they share their craft with the world.  You expose yourself in a way that is simultaneously uncomfortable and exciting, which often leads to unexpected discoveries.  What motivates me the most is the change I feel when I make something.  Every time I create, I learn something new, I refine my technique, and I push myself harder.  It’s the one passion that forces me to grow while allowing me to be me.




Client Testimonials


"About a year ago I embarked on a journey to create a card game that had the capability to create laughter but also provoke and challenge people's understanding of race. For months I searched for an artist who had the ability to create realistic portraits with precision and artistry. A chance click on a photo on Instagram led me to lineandpaper. I immediately, but shyly reached out to Stephanie and told her about my project, Trading Races, she was instantly excited about the project and came on board. Stephanie has and will be the illustrator for Trading Races. Her dedication to the project, the beautifully drawn portraits, and her personal aesthetic are incredibly central to the game's success. It has truly been an honor to work with her." ~Kenyatta Forbes, CEO/Founder Trading Races, LLCin


"Your portrait of my father has truly touched my heart. It is magnificent!...It is something that will now be passed down generations in my family. Sometimes while I am walking around my home, I am stopped as I pass by...as I stand there and stare at it, I am flooded with the fondest memories of my father...but I am also genuinely in admiration of your beautiful work. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!" ~Rocky Patel, Portrait Client


"We love Elliot's portrait so much!! It's exactly the baby face with the facial expressions that I would definitely miss so much once he grows up. I love how you drew the muscle on his chin exactly like he has when he laughs like that...I just can't stop laughing whenever I see the portrait because his character is just coming out of it!" ~Meeyoung Park, Portrait Client


"At first glance, it was hard to believe that my portrait wasn’t a black and white fine art photograph. The tones, shades, depths and lines were captured with such great detail, that it had to be pointed out to me that this was a drawing done with a pencil. I find that it is making me a bit vain. I often look at it and think, “That’s a handsome dude in that portrait. Oh snap, that dude is me.” Most pictures of me DO NOT DO THAT. I’ve seen the original photo and if given the opportunity to display one or the other; the drawing is going up every time. Stephanie is a very talented artist, and I graciously appreciate her ability to capture me the way she did." ~Ty, Portrait Recipient


"Stephanie's talent and attention to detail is truly remarkable. I am in complete awe of how beautiful and lifelike my daughter's custom portrait is. The portrait not only makes me smile every time I look at it, but it has also become one of the most treasured things in my home. Thank you for capturing Taylor so perfectly. I'll cherish this piece for a lifetime!" ~Alyssa Fantin, Portrait Client